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We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting our work of ministry.  Be assured that you are sowing in good ground and that your gift is 100% tax-deductible.   If you prefer sowing via US mail,  Mail to:  RPMM - 2600 Main Street  Columbia, SC 29201.  Give via CashApp - $RPMC1: the "GIVELIFY" donation app: or "Zelle"  (ID:  Otherwise, please press the Donate button below and follow the online instructions for credit/debit cards, etc.:

 May God richly bless you. 

RPMC Seed Faith Confession
I acknowledge that God has granted me this seed.
It is for my giving and not for my need.
For the Lord is my shepherd, no want shall I know.
He causes me to be blessed every where I go.
I cheerfully sow into the Kingdom's field.
Expecting a harvest to be my yield.
His promises are the basis of what I believe.
What I give, will determine what I receive.
I walk in divine favor; My body and mind are sound.
My seed is blessed and I'm sowing in good ground.
This seed will bring forth again and again.
In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN.
Royal Priesthood Ministry MECCA - 2600 Main Street - Columbia SC 29201